football betting misconceptions

The football betting misconceptions that seem to be forever

See these popular myths related with online football betting. Find out what has been still believed in the world of football teams and betting.

Some myths will just never die. No matter how much we talk about them and no matter how much times we try to debunk them, they are still out there trying to delude your consciousness and make your online football betting activity less productive.

But it’s time to put an end to this. And we are about to make one small, but hence, very significant part in such an initiative. Here are some of the football betting misconceptions that seem to be forever, but we will make an effort to debunk them for good:

  1. A sportsbookmaker has always an inside information, which is why you will never win. You might not win, if this so, but what about the gamblers who place the opposite bet? And what about the players who believe – and make quite good profits from it – in the opposite betting system strategy? No, guys, bookies don’t make money this way.
  2. There’s always a due factor in any game and we should make our predictions basing on them. Even though a football team must win not to fall out the league, the players don’t care about your bet. And they will win only if they are capable to win. That’s it.
  3. All the games are preliminarily fixed. What is fixed is the average odd per one concrete bet. And the bets get fixed after the bookies make their own predictions. These predictions have a lot to do with the team’s condition. However, if a team starts winning or losing because of a concrete bookie wouldn’t the sports world soon get over?
  4. The higher your bankroll is, the more you will win. If you keep making the right predictions, probably, this is kind of a real thing. However, a gambler who has no knowledge in the field of football world will not be successful no matter how much money he keeps in his or her playing betting account balance.
  5. The surest way to win is by following a great tipster. There’s nothing bad in following such people. What is bad, though, is to believe that they are always right. No one is always right. We all make predictions. Even the stats show false conclusions sometimes.
  6. When the odd is to high the possibility to win is too small. Generally, the higher the odd is the more impossible it seems for a football team to reach such a score or to lose. However, these are bets that are more profitable, which is why the risk is higher. And it is completely normal to see the riskiest bets with the highest odds.

It is high time for you to stop believing in these craps. Let’s forget these myths forever!

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