How to Play Solitaire

The playing card is widely used as the medium to play gambling. Apart from casino games and horse racing, this is also very popular among the offline and online gaming. In this article, we will get to know how to play solitaire, which is a very popular form of playing cards.


There are many versions of solitaire also. Here we will discuss the simplest version only to explain to you the rules of this game.

In this game, the whole screen or table is occupied with many piles of cards. The entire table or screen can be separated into two halves, one above and another below.

Four complete sets of different suits

In the above half, the left corner four blank space is to be filled by all 52 cards of the deck. In the first space, you can keep any suit 13 cards from ace to King in ascending order. The same you have to do with the remaining three blanks in this corner.

The ultimate goal of this game is to fill all four blank of this corner.

Discarded and leftover cards

The left corner of the above half has two piles. One is the pile of discarded cards, and the other is the pile of remaining cards. The user can choose any card from here, and once the pile of the spare card is finished, all the discarded cards are collected and kept as reaming cards again.

Below half

In the below half, there are many piles from left to right. In these piles, some cards are faced up, and some saved down. The first left pile has the least number of tickets, and the rightmost collection has the most number of cards.

The player has to face up, the close cards in these pile and set the cards accordingly from King to two of the same suit in any four of these piles.

The blank space in any of these piles can be restarted only with a king and no other card. You can shift any number of cards from one column to others in below half if it is suitable and fits in another column with disturbing the sequence and suit.

Here from all the cards you have to send on the right, left most corner.

This was the little info about this game. The real and better way of playing you will develop only by practicing this game in real.

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