Four Exciting Facts about Gambling

If we talk about anything which we know very well, we will find many exciting facts about those things. Today our subject for knowing some facts is gambling. In this article, we will get to know some of the very important facts about gambling which many of you might not know still.

Loose one addiction to get another

Have you ever gone through the condition when you try to lose some bad practice, and you end up using good one badly? The same happened in one Indian village about 50 years ago. Then all the villagers were addicted to alcohol and gambling. One man came there and tried to remove them from this addiction with the help of playing chess. Now the condition is very different. Now nobody touches alcohol or gambling there, but they play chess very severely just like addiction.

Wife or wager

May you ever think that someone would ever keep his wife as the wager. It happened in India. According to Indian history, Pandavas were invited to gamble at Kaurava’s place. They went there, and there they lost their everything, even the kingdom, and castle. At last, they were said to put their common Draupadi as a wager, and they kept her and finally lost her too. This event was the main reason for the epic war of Mahabharata in Indian history.

Win to lose the winnings

Can you ever think that somebody wins a considerable amount in many days and lose all the wealth just in few days. It happened with a man who went to Las Vegas only $ 50 in his hand. There he played too many casino games, and in the coming three years, he won $ 40 million. But it was not for good and of that person. He kept playing the casino even after that and soon in the next three weeks he lost his all winning amount.

History behind kings

A deck of 52 cards has four kings of a different suit. Each of these kings represents one great king from the past. The king of the space represents the king David, the king of the club represents the great king Alexander who is known for his great with of conquering the whole world. The king of the heart represents the king Charlemagne, and the king of the diamond represents the great king of Rome Julius Caeser.

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